PCMG Energy Cost Recovery Audit

Our energy Cost Recovery Audit involves an audit of historical and current Electricity & Gas billing data (typically 6 years of data). We’ll identify all cost recovery opportunities, ongoing savings and undercharges and then handle all refunds from suppliers and third parties on your behalf.

Our detailed knowledge is supported by two important elements; our close involvement in regulatory policy and our unparalleled knowledge of pass through/3rd party charges, including:


Our success is supported by the fact that 85% of our recoveries are from second or third pass audits, where we’ve been successful even after one or even two other consultancies have already reviewed a client’s billing data.

How the PCMG Energy Cost Recovery Audit works:

The audit is in three stages:

  • Data collation: We obtain all the billing data we need from your suppliers and load it into our proprietary analysis systems
  • Analysis: We’ll examine every single line of data for billing and set up errors and other cost recovery opportunities
  • Cost recovery: We’ll produce, submit and agree all claims with your supplier


There are no upfront costs associated with an audit, we work on a share of saving basis. Each of our customers receives a detailed report on all findings, including any liabilities, in order for important decisions to then be made on the claims to be pursued. Our dedicated data collation, analysis and cost recovery teams provide a complete end-to-end service, thereby maximising the value to you and your business but minimising the input required.